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     This is a story of two estranged Klingon adolescents: Alexander, son of Worf, and Toral, son of Duras.   It tells of their very different struggles as each seeks to find a place of honor and integrity in a decaying Klingon society.   Like all Klingon tales, this is one of triumph and tragedy.

     I got the idea for this story from thinking about open-ended episodes in the regular Star Trek canon.   Although Burdens of a Sunset takes place in the Deep Space Nine era, after Dax and Worf get together, the background for the the main character, Toral, can be found in the Next Generation episode, Redemption.

     I finished this short story in September 1997 for entry in a Star Trek writing contest.   Much thanks to friends Dennis, John, and Cindy for proofing and details.   Needless to say I did not win the contest, or I wouldn't be posting the story here.   My friends tell me it that its still pretty good.   Let me know what you think...
Chapter 1